Slight change in direction

Hi All,

This blog originally started from a desire to share some of my stories and my opinions on events of our day. My first language is Afrikaans and I have a tremendous love for it. I therefore initially started out writing predominately in Afrikaans. Recent events (which I will not go into) has made me reconsider the purpose and direction of my blog.

I will still continue to post in Afrikaans from time to time, but those will either be linked to an Afrikaans page (if that’s possible) or I will create a sister blog dedicated to Afrikaans. Then again, I may leave this blog in Afrikaans and take my new direction to the sister blog.

All I can really say is please stay tuned for updates on my intended direction in the near future. As I am a working man with a busy household, the time I can spend in the blogosphere is limited. I will however attempt to make whatever I post to be meaningful and relevant even though it may not be as frequent as some other bloggers.

Respectfully yours,

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