Grace and Performance

 Wonderful insight into the mind of men.  May God bless you today to experience the grace he has for His children.


Grace and Performance: 70 Things Every Man Needs to Know
Written by Patrick Morley   
Monday, February 14 2011 00:00
29. Grace and Performance
Excerpted from Pastoring Men, Moody Publishers.

My son airs radio and television ads for his residential real estate business. When women call on his ads, they generally ask for the free information packet. When men call, they’re ready to do business. Men are by nature performance-oriented.

This performance orientation lures many men into thinking (1) they must  do something to make God happy (or avoid His wrath) and then, (2) continue performing to keep God happy.

Such thinking is perfectly designed to produce despair, because no matter how much this man does, it is never enough. So tell your men that the principal requirement for becoming a Christian is to admit that you are not worthy to be one.

Becoming a Christian is not about modifying your behavior to make God happy.

Your men are immersed in a performance-based culture for all but a few hours each week. To get the reward, they must produce. For this and other reasons, the full sense of the concept of “grace” often will take many years to sink in.

Many men who are Christians still feel like they are not “good enough,” haven’t done enough, still have “one more thing” they need to add, and so on.

Teach your men: No matter what you’ve done, you can be forgiven. Because of sin you will never be good enough to grasp salvation; because of grace you will never be bad enough to be outside of God’s grasp.

There is also a “living” grace so men don’t have to feel constantly weighed down by man-made rules and regulations. About once a week my computer gets so crossed up the only solution is to reboot, to push the restart button. Grace is like that restart button. Living grace is always available, so our daily sins can be forgiven. Teach men how to walk in the power of the Spirit day by day. Show them how grace is not only for salvation but also for sanctification and leading an abundant life by faith.

What a wonderful contribution to a man to help him understand and accept the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ-but it will take patience and repetition.

Yours for changed lives,

Patrick Morley, PhD

#409   © 2011. Patrick Morley. All rights reserved. This article may be reproduced
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