A mixed bag – 2 great articles, a free audio book and discount on an e-book

This is just a quick post on two really great articles that have been used by God to bless me this week.  For more great resources like these go the Tim Challies’ blog.  Tim also made me aware of the great opportunity to download a good audio book from ChristianAudio.com.  I’ve now signed up for an account to receive notifications of similar opportunities.  Lastly, you have an opportunity to pre-order an e-book and get a discount.

5 Things I’m Surprised I Can’t Find in the Bible – God is all and only wisdom, the very font of all truth. The Bible is His Word, and is true in all that it teaches, as well as sufficient to guide us into every good work. His Word is perspicuous, that is clear, and understandable.  Not all of the Bible, however, is as clear as all the rest. These ground rules inform us, broadly speaking, that the Bible tells us everything we need to know, but that it might not all be right out there in the open.  He has not only not left us orphans, He has not left us blind. That said, here are five things that are less clear in the Bible than I might, in the abstract, expect them to be.

8 Tips for Talking to Kids about the Sermon – They sit there next to you and their feet don’t even hit the floor.  You’re thinking, “What, if anything of this guy’s sermon is sinking into my kid’s head?”  And with that little thought you’ve already decided not to engage your child about the sermon.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Let me introduce you to the most important rule when talking to your kids about the sermon: They retain more than you think they do.  The second most important rule is like it: They understand more than you think they do.

The Holiness of God – R.C. Sproul’s The Holiness of God is this month’s free book at ChristianAudio.com.

Get The Next Story eBook for Cheap – For those of you with e-readers, you can also pre-order Tim’s new book.  As he explains, the more you order, the cheaper the ultimate price for you if you’re willing to pre-order.  I have read Tim’s book on Discernment, which was very well written while simple enough for the non-seminary trained Christian.  With Tim widely being recognized as one of the best Christian bloggers, I have every confidence that this book will be a tremendous resource for those in ministry as well as the “average” Christian.

The Next Story

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