Emergent, a social/seeker friendly gospel ultimately leads to universalism

Until now I have restrained myself from posting anything on the emerging church. I have and will continue to focus on posting about matters of truth rather than being oppositional. I don’t want to be branded as an unloving “discernment” writer. However at the risk of being branded I will post about my concerns from time to time.

I have seen the social gospel/seeker friendly gospel combined with a “christian” flavoured mysticism enter the mainstream evangelical discourse. Making the church a place of “christian” flavoured self-help motivational messages is not God’s plan for the gathering of the saints. To make the church seeker friendly you are forced to make the gospel less offensive.

Once you have started down the path of watering down the message of the Cross so that it’s not a stumbling block or an offence to unbelievers, then you have to realise that there are only to possible outcomes:
– You repent for teaching “another gospel” and start teaching Jesus with all the offensiveness that had Him crucified, or
– You continue down your path and end in universalism.

As rightly pointed out by Challies we don’t have Rob Bell’s book yet and the troubling comments is publisher hype. However I urge you to read the article linked below and consider the consequences of even using universalism to sell your product.

As Paul so often said in his epistles, grace to you,


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