Bybelstudie Hulpbronne

Please watch this space, as I am in the process of translating the journal example and reading plans into English. Although you may not understand Afrikaans, you should still be able to figure out the Bible books referenced in the reading plans. So you are welcome to start using it while I translate this booklet.

Spreek want U kneg hoor

Bybelleesjoernaal:  insluitend drie 1 jaar leesplanne, joernaal dagstuk voorbeeld en gebedsregister.  (Lees ook my inskywing:  Geen ons ons daaglikse brood)

e-Sword Home

The best freeware Bible software available.  This program has multiple translations (in many languages), commentaries, greek and hebrew dictionaries, Bible atlases and many more. I truely believe that this software will enrich your study of the Bible.


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